New Media

Interdisciplinary Studies:

Students create a magazine that focuses on a key piece of literature within its historical moments. Using a kaleidoscopic lens, students evaluate how fashion, technology, practices in literacy, gender roles, politics, and race impact the production and reception of their chosen work.

Model for Special Issue Magazine

Introduction to Composition:

Visual Archeology Project Assignment Prompt

This assignment asks students to delineate the debate surrounding a controversial magazine cover, research the larger issues surrounding this debate, and finally, conduct a rhetorical analysis of the image from their own perspective, employing the vernacular of visual rhetoric (i.e. cropping, color scheme, font choice, composition, etc).

Student Model Paper

This paper tackles the over-sexualized representations of women athletes in the media. The author argues for the ways in which these representations negatively impact the body-image of younger girls while also de-emphasizing the athleticism of women athletes.

Public Service Announcement Assignment

This assignment is an extension of the Image Analysis assignment, allowing student authors to contribute their own voice to the debates created by recent controversies in the media, using software such as iMovie and green screens.

Student PSA examples:


Women Athletes in the Media

Islamophobia in the Media

Technology and Privacy

Body Image in the Media

Dangerous Behavior in the Media


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